How to change the DVD region setting on the Amitech DVD 704

I am lucky enough to live in a country where it is legal to remove the region restrictions on DVD players. Most players, however, are sold with the region locking enabled. The Amitech DVD 704 is one of those players, but fortunately the region settings can be changed easily by accessing a hidden menu via the remote control.

The button sequence that gives access to the region menu is:

7 7 <PLAY>

WARNING: Be sure to read the disclaimer. The above procedure is undocumented and unsupported by the manufacturer. Don't hold me responsible if performing the above procedure on your player causes it to malfunction in some way. Also be aware that you may be breaking the law where you live by performing the above modification. If in doubt, check with the store that sold you the player (or with local law enforcement officials).

Originally written: 2005-10-20

Last update: 2006-03-26