How to reset an AEG washing machine

I recently had a situation where my AEG Öko Lavamat Exclusive S Update washing machine was displaying error code "C9" on its' display. Normally this indicates that there is a mechanical or electrical problem with the motor (often the brushes need to be replaced).

In this case, there happened to be an over-sized load of clothes in the machine, so I wanted to try resetting the machine first before beginning to replace parts.

The solution is to put the dial in the off position, then turn the dial to the spin position while holding down the soak and pre-wash buttons simultaneously.

The procedure above is also necessary to reset the washing machine after replacing any parts once the error condition has occurred.

The procedure above is known to work on the following AEG models:

WARNING: Be sure to read the disclaimer - it applies especially in this case. In particular, be aware that if you simply reset the washing machine without replacing damaged parts, that you may cause even more damage by doing so.

Originally written: 2005-10-20

Last update: 2006-03-26